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Lenyati Safaris is situated in the Limpopo Province of South Africa close to the small town of Alldays. The hunting area lies in the heart of the bushveld which consists of Acasia bushveld, grass plains and Mopane veld with small ‘'koppies”' and ridges.

We have a diverse range of Fauna and Flora in the area that can be enjoyed. The hunting area covers 4000ha and we have concessions in other hunting areas as well.

The climate in the area is very hot in the summer months and can reach temperatures of 42 degrees Celsius. In the winter months it can be very cold during the nights and moderate during the days.


Sun Rise




We cater for rifle and bow hunters. We have hunting areas dedicated to bow hunting only, which will give you a better hunting experience.

There are established hides at water holes and we can rig up blinds for special needs as well.

We offer walk and stalk bow hunting for the more experienced bow hunter or those looking for a challenge. A range with targets is available for practice or to check your bow's accuracy before the hunt.
Rifle hunters can enjoy the bush whilst hunting for trophies. A shooting range is also available for ranging of your rifles before the hunt.   Rifle hunting is done on walk and stalk and only fair chase would be allowed.
Pistol, muzzleloader, and crossbow hunting are also allowed. There is a wide range of species that can be hunted and more details can be obtained on request




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